[vc_row bg_parallax=”off” css=”.vc_custom_1415633168033{margin-bottom: 0px !important;padding-bottom: 0px !important;}”][vc_column][ozy_vc_timelinewrapper title=”HISTORY”][ozy_vc_timeline title=”2020 – Thermal(Fever) Detection Camera’s” excerpt=”Installed Fever Detection Camera’s across the Government Hospitals in Oman, as a Covid-19 initiative by the Hospitals.” icon=”oic-simple-line-icons-48″][/ozy_vc_timeline][ozy_vc_timeline position=”right” title=”2019 – Launched Oman’s First Iridescent Color Digital Press” excerpt=”Iridesse, from Xerox is the world’s first Digital Press that offers, Gold or Silver, along with traditional CMYK + Clear ink technology.” icon=”oic-simple-line-icons-48″][/ozy_vc_timeline][ozy_vc_timeline title=”2018- Bishara’s 100th. MPS client in Oman” excerpt=”Bishara signs on its 100th. client for Managed Print Services in Oman. Managed Print Services, have helped many an organization save Print Related Costs and helped increase Office Productivity” icon=”oic-simple-line-icons-48″][/ozy_vc_timeline][ozy_vc_timeline position=”right” title=”2012 – IT Infrastructure for Ray International” excerpt=”Set up their Data, Telephone Networks + Switches for the Ray Group” icon=”oic-simple-line-icons-48″][/ozy_vc_timeline][ozy_vc_timeline title=”2012 – IT Infrastructure for Bank Nizwa” excerpt=”Set up the IT Infrastructure of Structured cabling, CCTV Surveillance, Digital Signage, Access Control and Queue System for Bank Nizwa at Beach One Building” icon=”oic-simple-line-icons-48″][/ozy_vc_timeline][ozy_vc_timeline position=”right” title=”2010 – CCTV Surveillance for PDO’s Mabrook Project” excerpt=”Commissioned Explosion Proof Cameras for the Mabrook Concession area” icon=”oic-simple-line-icons-48″][/ozy_vc_timeline][ozy_vc_timeline title=”2009 – Oman’s first Xerox Managed Print Services” excerpt=”Oman LNG signs up for Oman’s first Xerox Managed Print Services” icon=”oic-simple-line-icons-48″][/ozy_vc_timeline][ozy_vc_timeline position=”right” title=”2004 – CCTV Project to secure PDO’s North Assets” excerpt=”Set up the CCTV surveillance system to secure PDO’s North Assets across 26 PDO locations” icon=”oic-simple-line-icons-48″][/ozy_vc_timeline][ozy_vc_timeline title=”2000 –Oman’s First Full Color Digital Press” excerpt=”Installed Oman’s first Digital Color Press, the Xerox Sfida 2060″ icon=”oic-simple-line-icons-48″][/ozy_vc_timeline][ozy_vc_timeline position=”right” title=”1997 – Oman’s First Automated Mailing Machine” excerpt=”Installed Oman’s First fully automated Kern Enveloping and Mailing System for National Bank of Oman” icon=”oic-simple-line-icons-48″][/ozy_vc_timeline][ozy_vc_timeline title=”1997 – Secured Oman’s first ISO 9001 Certification for an IT Company” excerpt=”We secured our ISO 9001 certification for our Service Department, to ensure that our Services in Oman meet up to the benchmarks of World Industry standards” icon=”oic-simple-line-icons-48″][/ozy_vc_timeline][ozy_vc_timeline position=”right” title=”1996- Secured the first Integrated Lighting” excerpt=”1996- Secured the first Integrated Lighting Solution” icon=”oic-simple-line-icons-48″][/ozy_vc_timeline][/ozy_vc_timelinewrapper][ozy_vc_timelinewrapper title=”Bishara Est. LLC founded in 1983″][/ozy_vc_timelinewrapper][/vc_column][/vc_row]