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Xerox Announces US Expansion of IT Services

Xerox Announces US Expansion of IT Services – From Data Center to Desktop – For SMBs

Xerox IT Services provides a suite of offerings for small and medium-sized businesses that includes strategy development, procurement, implementation and 24-hour support

NORWALK, Conn. —  Xerox today announced the expansion of its IT Services across Xerox Business Solutions in the U.S. Designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Xerox IT Services provides a personalized suite of end-to-end IT solutions that streamlines technology procurement and implementation processes while providing reliable, always-on IT support.

“Most small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford to build out an IT department and related expertise while they’re building a disruptive business,” said Rich Artese, general manager for Xerox IT Services. “Xerox IT Services provides peace of mind so clients can focus on managing their businesses and feel confident their technology systems will support their organizations’ growth.”

Leveraging Xerox’s extensive market experience and deep industry relationships, Xerox IT Services includes hardware procurement, professional engineering, IT product support, managed IT services and critical information security management. Part of the Xerox IT Services offering also includes “vCIO,” a virtual Chief Information Officer who works one-on-one with customers to address specific business demands and offers the technology and IT infrastructure needed to support organizations as they scale. Adopting a technology agnostic approach, Xerox is able to provide businesses with end-to-end IT solutions no matter who makes the products.

Xerox plans to expand IT Services for SMBs internationally, launching in the second quarter in both Canada and the U.K., followed by select European countries later this year. To learn more about Xerox IT Services, visit

About Xerox
Xerox Holdings Corporation (NYSE: XRX) makes every day work better.
 We are a workplace technology company building and integrating software and hardware for enterprises large and small. As customers seek to manage information across digital and physical platforms, Xerox delivers a seamless, secure and sustainable experience. Whether inventing the copier, the ethernet, the laser printer or more, Xerox has long defined the modern work experience. Learn how that innovation continues at

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Made to Think

Innovation and Made to Think

Innovation is our middle name if corporations had middle names.  Xerox has been at the forefront of innovation since its beginning.  We could rest on our laurels, we have substantial laurels on which to rest just see our history. However, Xerox people have a spirit of innovation, without innovation, we would not have the history and patents we have now and we are not stopping.  

Xerox is made to think.  We constantly question and seek what could and should be. From the Iridesse™ Production Press and Xerox Color 800i and 1000i Presses that prints with metallic ink to the ConnectKey products that are your trusted office assistant, the innovations keep coming.  There are apps that turn your hard copy documents to audio files and 3-D printers that produce fully functional parts quickly and more affordable.  These are just a few of the innovations that Xerox has released recently and came from the imaginative minds of Xerox employees.

We at Xerox make work better by bringing you innovative solutions that keep the user in mind while finding more ways to have artificial intelligence (AI), software or hardware do the work for you giving you more time to do other aspects of your job. Our innovations have security at the forefront to prevent security breaches across data, solutions, and technology before they happen. Everything we do is backed by the best security technology and partner solutions, like McAfee, because a strong, pro-active, offense is the best defense.  Check out this video about on Made To Think

Find out more at our Made to Think site. Keep up with our innovations by following us or subscribing to our corporate channels on the following social media platforms:

We never stop innovating, reimagining, building and doing. And we never stop questioning. We make everything from packaging that talks to you, printers that listen to you and follow verbal commands and software that intuitively personalizes and humanizes. Made to Think means, we’re not just thinking about the future, we’re making it.

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